Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bounce Back

By: Sherrie Campbell, PhD
What is your ability to bounce back from life's harder realities? Bouncing back is that phenomenal strength we have within us to get up, find the positive and keep moving. Life is ultimately a circular process where we lose and then gain and then we lose and then gain. Every loss can be a gain if we are willing to look for the gifts. Every painful place is designed to take us to a better place but we have to be willing to bounce back. When we do this we will see every negative event, person, or relationship as a masterful teacher and life coach who taught us through the avenue of pain, loss and heartache to keep better boundaries and to stay true to ourselves. This is what bouncing back means. You have to hit the wall and get back up again. We also have to accept reality. If we argue with it we will suffer. We have to look at our current situation and figure out a way to make it livable...not tolerable but livable...find ways to make it meaningful. Pay attention to what you learned from smacking into that wall so you can create a better future for yourself. Never ever let any loss take away your life, your self-worth or your passions. Work hard to keep those in check. They are yours and belong to no one else. When you crash...get up! Let go and move on...there is freedom in this. Bounce back and find the gratitude.

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