Monday, October 7, 2013

Stop Fixing Yourself, You Are Not Broken

You are NOT broken. You do NOT need fixing. You just need to awaken to the beautiful, miraculous creation that you already are. Perhaps you were not taught this. Maybe you were misled. There is a tremendous SHIFT that occurs when you discover who you really are. The only thing that can be messed-up is your understanding of your true essence, your true nature and your true divinity. You are light, love and truth at the center of it all. Peel back all the layers, see yourself as you truly are, lift up your eyes and SOAR. 

Self Love comes from knowing who you are and bravely living your authentic truth. It's not about living up to society's standards, or being what your family of origin molded you to be. Loving yourself only comes from living YOUR truth unabashedly, and connecting to your source without shame.

The act of "fixing yourself" is the process of self loathing and a misunderstanding of the truth of your essence. When you feel you are broken, wrong or full of mistakes, then you are operating from a core belief of unworthiness. Nothing good can come forth from a core belief that is false. Any belief that you hold that is contrary to the truth of your wholeness, value, worthiness and divinity is damaging to your soul and will lead you askew. 

The key is to let the truth of your power, your light, your spiritual source inside shine and lift you higher. The world has tried to dim your light, to hide the truth from you and keep it hidden. This truth has been with you the whole time, and it has shown through--even when you may be afraid to admit it. This truth, this source, this power, this love, this light that lies at the center of your being is your answer, your key, your ticket, your miracle. 

You don't have to love yourself. YOU ALREADY ARE LOVE! You must only discover your true essence and honor that which you are. Anything less than knowing the truth will leave you withered and in pain. Pain comes only when you believe that you are less than what you truly are.  


“We do not need fixing.  We are not broken.  Our sense of self, our self perception, was shattered and fractured and broken into pieces, not our True Self. ~ Robert Burnely

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