Monday, October 14, 2013

Being Vulnerable

Sherry Campbell, PhD
Being authentic means that we let go of needing to be in control all of the time. Painful times come in life. It is best to accept them and be with them without resistance. When we are here nothing seems clear. The water is muddy, our hearts and minds are confused. It is impossible to know if we are making the right decisions and we tend to pull inside. Often we do not want to share what we are really feeling with people because we may be afraid to show our vulnerability. But, if we are to be authentic we need to show the fullness of who we are. The basic truth is that we all experience painful times. Each and every one of us is currently experiencing something that is challenging us right now. So, we need each other. There is no value in acting like we have it all together all the time. Sometimes we just don't have it together and that is the most authentic place for us to be. It will pass and then we will be in a better place, but it is important to know that to be whole we have to be able to have our bad days, our fears, our sadness, and our anxieties. It is all a part of being truly authentic. There is no value in acting like it is all ok when it's not. When we allow ourselves to be in the fullness of who we are this is self-loving. When we are out acting like we are fine this is self-abandonment. I think we heal quicker and more genuinely when we allow ourselves to be real. When we are real, those people who love us unconditionally show up and allow us this space. In being real you learn very quickly who is real in your life and who is not. This is a great gift of clarity. To be a authentic we have to expose ourselves on some level and we need to do this with confidence. There is nothing wrong with having things wrong in our life. It's just part of it. Love yourself.

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