Monday, October 28, 2013


Resilience. To be resilient means that we step up and face our challenges toe to toe. We do not back down. We recognize that we will go through hell sometimes but if we give up then we are allowing ourselves to stay in that hell. If we stay in our dramas we become invested in them. We become all about our ego, our pain, and how we have been hurt. This becomes our identity..never being able to let go. Resilience means we go through the pain, we hurt like hell, but we GET UP! We move, we step into the challenge head on because we know underneath each challenge is an undeniable lesson. We know we will come out of it one way or another a better version of who we are because we commit to that. Underneath all our pain is our divinity...our sparkle. That is who we really are. We are not our pain, we are not what other people think of us, we are not defined by the unfairness of life. Resilient people know this and so they push and they push through the sharp edges of life, not numbing them out, but facing them because they know at the end of this climb is where all the light is. Resilience means you lean into the hard and uncomfortable emotions, you search your soul, you express your vulnerabilities and you grow. You come out of each sharp edge not aged, but you come out wiser. You are willing. You are willing to do whatever it takes to get through it! This is resilience.

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