Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Letting Go

When we think of letting go, we think about losing something. It is like when we are learning addition it is much easier than subtraction. We do not like things being taken away but we all love things being added to our lives. When we think about letting go, because we seem to believe that the more we have the bigger we get the better we are, we suffer. Living this way, we find that no matter how much we have, how much we get or how much we achieve that we never feel like we have enough. We go on this desperate hunt to get more and more to fill us up. The results are depression, feeling as if there is never enough, and powerlessness. We do this because we think we are not whole. Having more doesn't make us complete. Even if we win what we set out to win, it still will not complete us. The only thing that completes us is love. Love from self and then from others. I love the idea of less being more. If we believe the idea that we have to have more to be happy we will suffer. But if we realize that we ARE love, that we are already complete then we can connect to that "enough" space internally. We can let go of needing power. Isn't it interesting that when we try to have power we cannot have it but when we let go of needing it we have it in abundance? Learning to let go, or making use of subtraction, helps us to swipe away all the things we think we need to be happy and we can find that all we need is already available.

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