Thursday, October 10, 2013

Master Yourself

By Sherrie Campbell, PhD

Life is about mastering being Your Own Person. This is why I used this subtitle in my book. We are in this world not to master others but to master ourselves. 
So often we are working hard to change other people when really the only thing we have any control over is changing ourselves. 
If we truly listen to what we feel (not what others tell us to do or to feel) we know who and what to keep in our lives and who and what we need to eliminate. 
So often we are stuck in trying to master others or somehow trying to force our way into their lives. This is not love. This is force and force doesn't work. Our inner world will always tell us when we are being taken advantage of, what is good for us and when we are self-abandoning. When we love ourselves we become powerful people not forceful people. 
Powerful in the sense that we have self-control, we can let go even when we don't want to, we have maturity and we can continue on our journey no matter the challenges. We can do this because we know we can depend upon ourselves to get up and keep on. We do not force our way, we communicate our issues with any challenge and if we find we are not being respected and valued we walk away. 
Sometimes the best and most loving thing we can do with someone is walk away. We master ourselves when we know that we have to climb a tough mountain, the destination is unclear but we have self-love as the guide. We know that if can put our truth first, our feelings first the right actions will follow. This is how we master being our own person.

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