Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Understanding Manipulation

When people manipulate you, they do it consciously. Manipulators are not on the defensive, but rather, on the offensive--attacking you.

Manipulation Tactics Part 2: Rationalization / Excuse Making

Manipulators obstruct values of social interaction. They also use power and control as weapons to get what they want. Manipulators make rationalizations and excuses.
Rationalization is the person saying that they hear that you don't like the behavior, but they're not going to change. When an abusive person is called out and they rationalize their behavior, no matter how convincing, what they're saying is that I hear what you're saying, but I'm justifying that I am doing is okay even if it's not okay.
When it comes to a wrong behavior, there is no excuse. A disturbed character will make a case to try to still look good, and manipulate you into accepting their excuse.
Manipulators rarely answer a direct question. They're good for putting you on the defensive, making you feel like a bad guy for confronting them.

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