Monday, April 28, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

Sherrie Campbell, Ph.D.

If we hold onto what is old and outdated, no longer nurturing, or fulfilling we block our future. It can be hard and painful to let go of what we are used to, but if what we are used to is no longer fulfilling then to stay hoping for fulfillment to return puts us in a lack of movement. Hope becomes our dope. When we move forward we let go of wanting people to become better versions of themselves and we commit to being better versions of ourselves. Changing ourselves is the whole purpose. When life changes we have to believe that great things are about to happen, much greater than what we were living in before. It may not show up immediately but if we commit to loving ourselves, we will be "ready," and the new lock-and-key life matches will present themselves, and we will be so glad we left the life which was too small and constricting for us. We often stay in the old because we can't see that something better will come because after we leave anything we enter in the grey area. For whatever reason, the grey area of uncertainty is very painful for us. Without a focus on loving ourselves, it feels like limbo. When we are here it is simply the space between the old and new. If we commit to making this grey area productive with self-improvement the new amazing things will come to us more quickly. Do your inner work. Leave what is too small. Be brave into the grey area and make your life extraordinary. Love Love Love Yourself!

Sherrie Campbell, Ph.D.

When life is pushing you have to keep on keeping on. Life is supposed to do this to us, and it will happen all throughout life. The expectation that life will someday "even out" is a dangerous thought, as it sets us up for disappointment when our next painful growth opportunity arises. We seem to grow the most when we are in pain, and so as much as it is uncomfortable and we hurt from it, this is always an opportunity to get connected to our spirit, to our resilience, the refinement of who we are and who we want to be. It is healthy for certain time periods to simply shut life down, so we can take inventory on how we are participant, not a victim, in our own pain. When we can see these painful times as "evolvement courses" then we can give our pain a new idea, a new thought, a new purpose. Once we give our pain this new thought, we can get into action. We can get into the action of changing and shifting who we are how we operate in the world. If we are being pushed around by life and we cannot see the end of the pain, we have to get deliberate in our own idea of our pain, change our perspective to forward-moving-progress, so we can rise from our decent. When we rise..there is nothing like it. We rise on all levels. Those who are around us and those whom we have chosen to leave will get to see what it is like for someone to get knocked down..but who will get right back up. Focus on Getting Up! There is only one way in which time moves and that is forward so if you don't get up, you are obstructing life's flow...if there is no flow you cannot heal. So, get up, get going, look within, don't blame...refine yourself. Love yourself facebook...that is what it is all about.

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