Friday, April 11, 2014

People Around You

As you raise your level of experience to a higher level of expectation, you will notice that certain people can't remain in your presence. If someone is negative and plays the victim and you're positive with a can-do attitude, you two are going to clash. If a person is envious of you and wants to see you fall, they're going to have a hard time with you loving yourself and going higher... They'll bounce.  The people in your life are those you are in sync with... They're there because you're keeping them there with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. If you have someone close to you who is not good for you, then that means there is something in you that thinks you deserve it. Maybe they are there to teach you something--show you something you need to know about yourself. As you go higher you will begin to repel those on lower levels and attract those on higher levels. Those who want you to fail are replaced by those who are secure in themselves and know that there is enough good for us all.

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