Thursday, January 31, 2013

YOU Are What You Need

As a child you may have been ignored. Perhaps your parents loved you with all their hearts, but they didn't know how to honor your heart... to notice your nuance of feeling, to grasp the meaning of your sighs, or the warmth of your smile. Maybe they were too busy with the emptiness of their own. Disconnected from themselves, parents pass it onto their offspring.

Children grow up learning to abandon their true selves, to run after alternative sources of pleasure, trying to fill a hole that is there because they're trying to fill the hole that is already filled--but they don't know it. They don't know who they are, or how valuable they are, or how not to be empty... They don't know because they were never properly introduced--to their own self.

The emptiness begs to be filled, but the emptiness is not emptiness at all. The emptiness is merely the misunderstanding of who you are... of why you are here, and what all these tools (feelings) are for.

Once you face the emptiness, you can see that it's not so empty after all. That in fact, there is fullness there, and that fullness is you. Your truth. Take time to find yourself there, in the emptiness and pain. For it is in the silence, in the space that you're hiding from, that you will find the beautiful entity called YOU.

You are waiting. Waiting to be heard, seen and recognized by none other than YOU. This is what you ache for. This is what you long for. It has been said that you cannot love another until you love yourself. This is true! You can't fill the empty space, because it's already filled with you. Stop running, trying, striving and longing to fill what's already full. Take the time to acknowledge, to realize and to see the beautiful creation that you are, and always have been.

Get to know yourself and learn to heed your own heart cries. There is no one outside who can be for you what you're supposed to be for yourself. Only you can recognize, stand-up and own your power, your right to exist. Face your emptiness. It has some wisdom to show you, for in the midst of the silence, there is this wonderful person. Don't be afraid of who you are. Come to life and expand...

Turn on the lights,  discover and acknowledge the delight of beingness that you are.

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