Saturday, January 26, 2013

You Are a Treasure

You are a treasure. You may not realize this now. You may know this in your mind, but not feel it in your heart. You may think you know it, but you really don't know it. You may feel it in your heart, but not realize it in your mind. You may think you should know it, but you don't really know it. You may know it some times, but not all the time. You may know it in some ways, but not all ways. You may be afraid to admit you don't know it, but whatever the case, YOU ARE A TREASURE.

Inside of you is a treasure that is more precious than silver and gold. You are a prized soul to your creator. You are worthy and valuable. You are appropriate to life. You are created for such a time as this. You are not here by accident. You are not a burden. You deserve to be here. You are an asset to the planet. Like gold in a vault, so are you in the heart of creation.

You may be thinking that I'm crazy, or maybe that I can't see the real you that you hide beneath your masks. You may be thinking that you're the one exception to the rule, that when it comes to you, you are a mistake. Worthless, useless, one who needs to hide and cover, one who needs to put on gold clothes to pretend that you belong among the others you treasure.

This is because your vision is skewed. You're mind has been twisted by so many things. So many incidents in your life have taught you to look elsewhere for your worth and value. You've been conditioned to believe that what you have on the inside of you is to be ignored, abandoned and trashed like garbage. Ha! What a mistake this has been!

It's like your precious treasure, the gold value that you are, has been covered, smothered and buried deep beneath a heap of lies, misunderstandings, abuses, pain, hurt and mistakes. It's like a wall of rotting rubbish stands in the way of your heart's vision. Your perception of yourself is skewed by what you're not. You can't see who you truly are because of all the stuff that's in the way.
If you want to see who you really are, if you want to realize the value of your truth, then you must clear the way to your true self. You must follow the treasure map to your very own heart... You must remove the trash, layer by layer, until your truth is revealed.
This is not easy, but it's so worth it. It is also much easier than living a life of feeling worthless when you deserve so much more. This process will require you to face a lot of lies. Some of the lies will require that you stop blaming yourself for things other people have taught you. Some of the lies require that you see others for who they really are, instead of idealizing them and internalizing their shame. Some of the lies will be very painful to face, but in the end, you can never be happy living on a lie.
You must have courage to see the truth of who you really are. You must also fight for yourself. You must make a pact with yourself that you will choose to honor and respect your truth no matter who gets hurt in the process. You must choose to stop protecting other people at your own expense. You must redirect blame upon those who deserve it, and free yourself from your own recriminations.
Feelings & Needs
After that, you must get in touch with your own feelings and needs. You must disown feelings that other people told you that you should have. You must learn to recognize the cry of your own heart, learn to express your truth as it happens for you. You must learn to face the pain in your heart and to release pent-up emotions so that you can heal.
You must also learn to be the protector of your own self. The keeper of your own truth. You must locate within your heart the "Wise Parent" who knows what is best for you, and who can act on your behalf. You will also need to be sensitive to the wounded child inside your heart who is still very much alive. You will need to comfort your inner-child as any good parent would.
Then, you will need to set boundaries around your identity. You will need to be firm with others who try to steamroll over you. You will need to respect yourself enough to stand up to ANYONE who dares belittle or diminish you. You must be willing to walk away from mistreatment and disrespect at any time. You must protect yourself like a good parent would.
Then, once you find your treasure, your truth, no matter how far down it is buried, you must help to foster your own growth and development. You must give yourself freedom to explore, discover and become who you really are. You must take time to unfold, like a flower in the springtime--savoring every moment of your own true beauty.

You must also reprogram your mind with positive affirmations, positive self affirmations that are true, as well as visualize who you want to become. You will need to get out of your comfort zone to create new neural pathways that reflect the truth of your new found self. You will need to take risks, and continue to actualize yourself into the individual that you are. You are valuable treasure underneath it all.
If you don't know the treasure you are, then you must find it for yourself beneath the layers of all you've been taught. You must go to the source, the source of your own heart to find out the truth of who you are, and why you deserve your own admiration. This will require bravery. This will require energy. This will require time. It will require that you face painful truths and revisit the hurtful scenarios of your past. It may make people around you uncomfortable. It may require you to remove yourself from relationships that are no longer serving you. It will be a journey that you will never forget.

You may think you'll never find the treasure at the end of the map, but don't give up. Each step you take closer to your truth will release more of your true self into your life which is more strength for your journey. Good luck my friend. My hope is that you will search and find the treasure that you truly are.

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