Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Narcissists Play Dumb to Gaslight You

Narcissists pretend like they are victimized by your normal behavior. They act like they are offended by something you say when whatever you said is innocent and harmless. Narcissists act like whatever you said was heinous and highly offensive. They want you to feel that you are wrong and offensive, like you cannot be understood and like your normal ways of being and talking are unacceptable. This is in attempt to control and manipulate you. They take offense in illogical ways to the empath's normal behavior. This is called GASLIGHTING.

It is emotional abuse to act offended to a benign incidence, statement or position of another person. It is called gaslighting and should not be tolerated. The narcissist is trying to make you wrong. Take you away from your truth and get you tied up in their stupidity. It gets you off your track and onto their track. Gaslighting is a covert manipulation tactic.

Narcissists love to act offended over nothing. They love to play the victim. They love to overreact to innocuous statements you make. They love to play dumb so you will spend your precious energy explaining things to them. They love to suck you dry. Don't fall for it. You don't have to explain yourself or prove yourself. Just walk away. Go Gray Rock. 

If someone is so unintelligent, so unaware, so confused that they are offended by your innocent presence, and offended by your innocent attempts to help them, or your innocent attempts at being human and alive, then they are doing that as a way to take you off track. Gaslighting is about trying to argue with the victim about what's really happening, about reality. The victim keeps trying to explain to the manipulative person what reality is, but the victim continues to deny reality and put forth illogical explanations and pretending to be offended, confused, misunderstood. This causes the empath to work overtime and focus on the creepy parasite narcissist who is playing the empath like a fiddle. 

This is how narcissists control you. They pretend that they are hurt by you, that they don't understand you, that you must help them and prove yourself. Meanwhile, you are taken off track, thinking about helping them to understand and not be hurt, rather than focusing on your own life and your own purposes. They want you to keep coming to them for validation of reality. Do not allow them to take you over in this seemingly innocent way. This is the way your self esteem is being leaked out and makes you feel awful. These little micro manipulation tactics add up to huge loss in self esteem and self actualization. 

DON'T FALL FOR GASLIGHTING. Get educated. Become aware. Don't be played.

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