Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Power of Yoga for Healing

Me and My Favorite Yoga Instructor in 2015

I've never mentioned the power of Yoga for my healing journey. Yoga has been a wonderful source of healing for me in many ways. I've included in this article some photos by Fit Queen Irene. I follow her on Instagram, and would like to invite you to follow her too. She has some healthy views on yoga and self love. 

Yoga is a huge part of my life. It has taught me so much and brought me so much healing, strength and integration.  

The body, mind and spirit are connected. You can learn a lot about the truth of who you are in your cognitive mind, your cerebral cortex, but it is the body that holds the memories of past abuse, fear, panic and post-traumatic stress. 

If you want to get down deep into the limbic (emotional part of your brain), then you will need to supplement your reading, journaling and art and therapy with body-related healing practices such as yoga, karate, dancing and movement. The body holds stored memories and the only way to let these memories out is through movement... Also, movement is a core behavior that is instinctual in children, and a way to get through and heal your inner child

I've been doing yoga off-and-on since 2007. It has been very eye-opening for me and a wonderful experience. Here is a list of things I've learned from yoga...

Fit Queen Irene
  • How to stay focused.
  • How to stay focused on myself.
  • How to stay focused on my own needs,  instead of the needs of others.  
  • How to be brave and courageous.
  • How to do something for me.
  • How to do something that others didn't approve of.
  • How to commit to myself.
  • How to come back to myself.
  • How to stay focused on my breath.
  • How to tune out distractions while staying focused.
  • How to hold poses that are uncomfortable. 
  • How to bend.  
  • How to unfold.
  • How to grow.
  • How to hold poses as a meditation.
  • How to stay with my own feelings as I breathe through pain.
  • Moving meditation. 
  • Self love by showing up on the mat for my practice.
  • Self compassion when I fail to go to practice (which is so good for me) for months at a time.
  • How to open my heart.
  • Yoga helps release pent-up emotions. Sometimes after yoga, I cry.
  • How to practice something and get stronger.
  • How to practice something and get better at it.
  • How to embrace my imperfections.
  • How to challenge myself.
  • How to look at the world in new ways, upside down.
  • How to go beyond what I previously thought possible.
  • How to get back on track when I've dissociated and lost myself in life.
  • How to be me.
  • How to let me just be.
  • How to not be prideful.
  • How to feel humble.
  • How to listen to my body.
  • How to let go of expectations.
  • How to let go of trying to be something I'm not.
  • How to let go of competition.
  • How to stretch beyond previous limitations.
  • How little steps each time make big improvements over long term.
  • How to let go.
  • How to relax deeply.
    Fit Queen Irene
  • How to be.
  • How to process emotions.
  • How to be loved.
  • How to be present in my body.
  • How to be present in my mind.
  • How to meditate.
  • How to grow as a person.
  • How to heal as an emotional, physical and spiritual being.
  • How to view myself.
  • How to reach for the sky.
  • How to stand up tall.
  • How to walk with confidence.
  • How to hold my body.
  • How to trust myself.
  • How to practice trying.
  • How to integrate my body and mind.
  • How to listen to my heart.
  • How to be a witness to my own process.
  • How to be mindful.
  • How to encourage myself.
  • How to rest when needed.
  • How to set my pride aside and be who I am.
  • How to chant.
  • How to root and ground myself.
  • How to love myself.
  • How to love others.
  • How to make room for myself.
  • How to reposition myself in new ways I never dreamed possible.
  • How to see life in new ways.
  • How to accomplish things that I didn't know needed to be accomplished.
  • How to rely on my core.
  • How to keep going, even when I'm exhausted.
  • How to protect myself.
  • How to balance myself.
  • How to balance my energy.
  • How to concentrate.
  • How to recover from injury.
  • How to eliminate panic.
  • How to eliminate pride.
  • How to measure my progress.
  • How to respect the process.
  • How to breathe deeply.
  • How to go with the flow.
  • How to flow.
  • How to soar.
  • How to fly.
  • How to stay square.
  • How to twist and release toxins. 
  • How to stretch.
  • How to be grateful.
  • How to be spiritual.
  • How to connect body with mind and spirit.
  • How to connect body with emotions.
  • How to fight and be a warrior.
  • How to overcome insecurities.
  • How to mature.
  • How to release old mindsets.
  • How to listen to my heart.
  • How to follow my own intuition.
    Fit Queen Irene
  • How to feel my feelings.
  • How to rise again.
  • How to be tough.
  • How not to judge others.
  • How not to judge myself.
  • How to stay in the moment.
  • How to live.
  • How to align myself.
  • How to 
I know, this is A LOT. I never realized when I moved above a yoga studio in 2007 that it would change my life this much, but it did. Every year it seems I learn something new that yoga does for me. All these things, in addition to great physical benefits. Yoga is great for the mind, body and soul. It feels so good, even the most strenuous kind.

I prefer hot yoga and I love Ocean, Mountain and Desert practices. I practice at Gaia Flow in Addison, TX.  I am considering some yoga therapy classes for emotional healing in the near future. I highly recommend you check it out, even if you just find a great yoga teacher on YouTube. You will benefit from the meditation, relaxation and movement. It's fabulous!!!

Yoga is self love in action.

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