Thursday, April 28, 2016

Love Your Enemies Rant

Having animosity, even towards one person, pulls it onto yourself. What you focus on, you become. You are a powerful co-creator. You have to get to the place where you wish even your enemies good will. You are a vibrational being. You cannot afford to think badly of others, even the creeps--even the narcissists. What you think, you become. The things you dislike in others often represents the shadow side of yourself that's repressed, buried and denied about you. Use your ill will feelings towards others as a guide into your own heart, to get to know yourself better. Wish everyone well. Hope for the best for everyone. Disregard that old way of living in which you're competitive and envious with others. The higher you lift those who are around you, the higher you yourself will go. Become a vibrant beam of magnetic attraction of good, positive energy. Win the war by loving everyone and wanting the best for all. While you're healing, recognize bad behavior, but don't dwell on it, just move away from it. Move to people who are nurturing, nourishing, get out of the game, get out of the drama triangle by loving and wanting the best--even better than you--for those around you. This is where source is bringing me. To love my enemies, to wish the best for those I used to envy, breaking free of the game and loving. Jesus was right. Love begets love. <3

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