Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love Yourself First

Here are a few of the posts that I made on the SelfLoveU Fan Page. I thought you may like these. Join our community on Facebook, join our private group: Self Love U Group.

So True!!! No one can love you enough to make you love yourself--even though we may think they can. Our hearts cry out for love and we search for it in familiar, empty places. We don't realize that all the love we're trying to get from others already exists inside our hearts. We ARE love. We have to know that. We have to know ourselves and accept our own worthiness. A person outside of you cannot believe for you. You're the only one who can believe it, so you're the only one you need to convince. Trying to win the love of another person is self hatred. Like attracts like. Trying to get something you don't know you have will attract those who don't love you or themselves either. (It will just provide more false evidence that you're not lovable.) Think about it. Why would you try to win love if you already love yourself? Love is unconditional acceptance of worth and value, not a commodity to be traded. The love you need comes from you and you only. You can't get it, you must only rest in it. Open to the real truth of who you are. Love is not gotten, only realized. Once you love yourself, others love you too, and together you share your truth and worth. Whatever it takes--You've got to believe it yourself
Jenna #selflove #loveyourself

How many years did I try to get love from those who didn't love me. I wanted to change their mind! I wanted them to see me as lovable. I needed them to see me as lovable so that I could finally love myself. This is a strong desire of the broken hearted who didn't get the love they needed in childhood. You grow up seeking it from unavailable sources and blaming yourself for not getting the love you need. Well, no one can "give" you love. Real love just is. It's not something that can be traded. The kind of love that convinces you of your worth can only be found in childhood. Trying to get someone who has no heart to love you so it will convince you of your worth when you're an adult is codependent, false love. It will never give you the abiding peace and feeling of well being that comes from truly knowing who you are... When you know who you are, you can't help but love yourself! You are LOVE! All you have to do is BE.   ❤ Jenna

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