Monday, May 27, 2013

If You Don't Love Yourself

So true... Take a good look at what you're chasing, longing for, or wanting... What we're seeking in another is something that we're missing inside. If you want someone who doesn't treat you right, then something in you is askew... You're wounded. If you're going after someone who has hurt you, then you're abandoning yourself. It's harmful to your soul, like touching a hot stove and not removing your hand. Love must come from within. Love from another enhances your life... it does not fill a gaping hole. Only you, with God can mend the brokenness. If someone breaks your heart, go to the place that is broken. Meet yourself there. Tap into your inner flow... Stop giving to the outer source that wastes you. Keep the riches for you, and for those who treat you well. Jenna Ryan

Jenna Ryan

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