Tuesday, May 21, 2013

100 Ways to Love Yourself

  1. Take time to be by yourself.
  2. Schedule time just for you. 
  3. Journal your thoughts.
  4. Let go of mental stress. 
  5. Take an inventory of the quality of your relationships.
  6. Try something new. 
  7. Express your emotions to someone safe.
  8. Forgive someone you need to.
  9. Stand up to your inner-critic. 
  10. Stand up for yourself. 
  11. Learn to set better boundaries. 
  12. Delight in your daily duties that usually frustrate you.
  13. Organize your life.
  14. Reverse negative thoughts.
  15. Resolve old issues. 
  16. Get out of debt.
  17. Read a book on CBT techniques. 
  18. Turn off the news.  
  19. Write down positive affirmations.
  20. Create a quiet, private space in your home. 
  21. Take a day off just for you.
  22. Buy a new outfit. 
  23. Write down how you feel. 
  24. Learn NLP strategies for living a better life.
  25. Remain open to new experiences.
  26. Don't buy anything with credit cards.
  27. Save money.
  28. Require that people respect you.
  29. Find a mentor.  
  30. Take vitamins.
  31. Make a new friend. 
  32. Write a prayer of gratitude.
  33. Find the wonder in your soul.
  34. Read a book on a personal topic of interests you. 
  35. Listen to the voice in your heart.
  36. Respond to the voice in your heart.
  37. Heed the voice in your heart.
  38. Cook dinner for a friend.
  39. Give yourself what you want.
  40. Laugh like a child.
  41. Set a goal for self-improvement.
  42. Work-out.
  43. Cook healthy meals for yourself.
  44. Get your nails done. 
  45. Drink hot tea.
  46. Take a hot bath.
  47. Paint your bathroom, bedroom or closet. 
  48. Make your space comfortable.
  49. Get your car detailed.
  50. Take care of all the little extra errands in your way.
  51. Ask a new friend to lunch. 
  52. Create a special playlist for melancholy days.
  53. Create a new playlist for cardio.
  54. Try a new workout regimine. 
  55. Book a vacation with your lover, friends or by yourself. 
  56. Spend time in nature.
  57. Go for a long, slow walk and observe the world around you.
  58. Try yoga.
  59. Get in touch with your inner-child.
  60. Play.
  61. Do artwork.
  62. Make a clay statue. 
  63. Organize your accessories belts, scarves, ties, earrings, cufflinks. necklaces.
  64. Clean that spot in your home you've been avoiding. 
  65. Make up your own recipe.
  66. Think of something small you thought you couldn't do, then do it. 
  67. Cook a steak on the grill.
  68. Eat fruits and vegetables.
  69. Take a class.
  70. Expand your mind.
  71. Read books. 
  72. Get new photos done. 
  73. Make new recipes in your juicer.
  74. Ask someone for help.
  75. Focus on the good within your heart.
  76. Focus on the good within others. 
  77. Notice how far you've come. 
  78. Embrace daily chores with wonder and enthusiasm. 
  79. Let go of the past. 
  80. Improve your talent. 
  81. Write your life story. 
  82. Start a blog. 
  83. Give your worry to God. 
  84. Stretch
  85. Run
  86. Lift weights
  87. Sit in the sauna
  88. Get a massage.
  89. Focus on yourself. 
  90. Think about what you need (in all areas).
  91. Notice how your feeling.
  92. Practice mindfulness.
  93. Pray
  94. Meditate
  95. Practice emotional detachment. 
  96. Untie whatever chokes your life. 
  97. Pull away from unhealthy relationships.
  98. Say no.
  99. Refuse to feel guilty.
  100. Accept your feelings, both good and bad.

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