Thursday, May 26, 2016

20 Reasons Why Narcissists Don't Like People with Boundaries

  1. People with boundaries are impossible to manipulate.
  2. People with boundaries can spot a narcissist more easily who is trying to bust their boundaries.
  3. Narcissists can only abuse people who think they are worthless and don't know their rights.
  4. Narcissists are looking for easy prey; a person with boundaries is too much work.
  5. Boundaries are the manifestation of your inner strength and self-work.
  6. Narcissist parents groom their children not to have boundaries so they can exploit them.
  7.  The narcissist's agenda is to overpower and control you, this is not possible if you have boundaries.
  8. Boundaries keep you safe from the narcissist's plans to exploit you.
  9. A person with boundaries cannot be exploited.
  10. A person with boundaries trusts their own heart and will notice subtle manipulation tactics.
  11. Boundaries show that a person doesn't have any weaknesses that the narcissist can use to push-your-buttons.
  12. A person with boundaries shows the narcissist what is wrong with them; their issues become exposed.
  13. A person with boundaries is frustrating to the narcissist.
  14. A person with boundaries cannot be run over and controlled.
  15. A person with boundaries does not give his or her power away.
  16. A person with boundaries expects equal and fair treatment--the narcissist is not interested in equality.
  17. Boundaries shield you from the narcissist's plans to hurt you and destroy you.
  18. Boundaries show that you have enough self esteem to walk away if the narcissist continues to disrespect you.
  19. Narcissists want someone who will willingly accept their abuse without protecting themselves.
  20. A person with boundaries understands who they are and what their rights are--that means they're not willing to bow down and accept whatever the narcissist plans for his or her life.

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