Saturday, July 18, 2015

Real Person vs. A Zombie

Some people are not real. They may look real on the outside, in fact, some zombies look REALLY good on the outside, but nevertheless, once you engage with them, you find out they're not real at all. In fact, they are fake people with fake smiles, fake concern, fake accomplishments, fake everything. I hate that I have to write about this. I hate that there are people out there who are so self absorbed that they feel the need to suck the blood (like a vampire) from other people. Unfortunately, we need articles like this to help keep the real people safe.
Real Person Zombie
  • Cares about feelings of other people.
  • Able to put others first. 
  • Able to love others; has empathy.
  • Is happy for and wishes the best for others.
  • Interested in equal, give and take relationships.
  • Has empathy for others in pain.
  • Does not tend to exploit others.
  • Admits mistakes and takes responsibility for actions. 
  • Keeps word.
  • Associates with people who are genuine and relate-able. 
  • Tries to build people up and encourage them. 
  • Accepts others for who they are.
  • Respects the boundaries of others.
  • Give to others. 
  • Meets the needs of others freely, even if it does not bring direct benefit.
  • Does not cut you. Presence heals you.
  • Keeps word, even if it hurts. 
  • Gets trapped in triangles if he or she is unaware of the manipulations of zombies.
  • Fills up self with self esteem from well inside own heart.
  • Feels badly when hurts anothers feelings. Not afraid to apologize, make amends. 
  • Considerate of other people's time, attention and resources.
  • Interested in relating with others from equal standpoint. 
  • Does not care about other people's feelings. 
  • Is unable to put others first. Selfish & entitled.
  • Cannot love others; no empathy.
  • Envies others and wishes them ill. 
  • Interested in unequal relationships where they always have the upper hand.
  • Enjoys seeing people in pain.
  • Feels entitled to exploit others.
  • Lies to make themselves look better.
  • Will rarely apologize or take responsibility for actions. 
  • Keeps word only if it benefits them.
  • Forms strategic alliances to advance themselves socially.
  • Gossips and puts other people down.
  • Manipulates and controls.
  • Easily offended if someone sets a boundary.
  • Exploit others.
  • Refuse to meet the needs of others unless it directly meets their own needs. 
  • Carelessly cut you and laughs while you're bleeding. 
  • Breaks promises, even if it hurts others.
  • Creates triangles to alienate and abuse others.
  • Gets self esteem from reaction of others. 
  • Enjoys tearing others down--this builds the Zombie's self esteem.

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