Wednesday, October 1, 2014

100 Things About Assertiveness

Assertiveness is knowing who you are and what you deserve. This inner-superpower takes complete ownership of your energy and life force.  Assertiveness is related to the loving parent a healthy person has on the inside.  The panache of self love is knowing who you are and defending yourself, and fending for yourself with confidence and authenticity.
  1. Assertiveness gets your needs met. 
  2. Assertiveness stands up for you.
  3. Assertiveness gives you the power to say no.
  4. Assertiveness helps you stand up to your own inner-critic.
  5. Assertiveness sets boundaries in relationships.
  6. Assertiveness holds your identity together.
  7. Assertiveness helps you get your point across. 
  8. Assertiveness walks away from anything that steals, abuses or hurts.
  9. Assertiveness proves that you're not afraid to be who you are.
  10. Assertiveness speaks its mind.
  11. Assertiveness knows who it is.
  12. Assertiveness knows what its worth.
  13. Assertiveness knows its rights in relationship.
  14. Assertiveness knows what it is doing.
  15. Assertiveness doesn't cow down.
  16. Assertiveness may be afraid, but still stands up.
  17. Assertiveness is only available to those who know who they are.
  18. Assertiveness is hard for those with strict, regimented, stringent upbringings. 
  19. Assertiveness is impossible if you're dependent on the person.
  20. Assertiveness proves you love yourself.
  21. Assertiveness is a learned-skill.
  22. Assertiveness level is dictated by your level of knowledge of your personhood.
  23. Assertiveness earns respect.
  24. Assertiveness may seem counter-intuitive to those who give themselves away to earn love.
  25. Assertiveness isn't angry.
  26. Assertiveness is firm. 
  27. Assertiveness is straight forward, up-front.
  28. Assertiveness is the antithesis of manipulation.
  29. Assertiveness is a mixture of knowing your rights with a dash of anger.
  30. Assertiveness keeps you from being manipulated and controlled.
  31. Assertiveness keeps you from being hurt by abusive people.
  32. Assertiveness lessens the times you're confronted with assholes.
  33. Assertiveness conserves your energy for pursuits that are in your best interest.
  34. Assertiveness knows that you're worthy of protection.
  35. Assertiveness protects you.
  36. Assertiveness is like an inner-body guard.
  37. Assertiveness doesn't make exceptions for bad behavior.
  38. Assertiveness is chilled out, natural and clear.
  39. Assertiveness is not passive aggressive.
  40. Assertiveness asks directly for what it wants.
  41. Assertiveness is no whiner.
  42. Assertiveness takes ownership of his/her own life.
  43. Assertiveness takes accountability for its internal.
  44. Assertiveness says what it means and means what it says.
  45. Assertiveness is not afraid of what people think about it.
  46. Assertiveness doesn't need approval.
  47. Assertiveness is the guarder of the individual person.
  48. Assertiveness helps you stay whole so you can experience empathy.
  49. Assertiveness does not lose its temper.
  50. Assertiveness does not give into poor treatment.
  51. Assertiveness is always aware.
  52. Assertiveness considers the other person.
  53. Assertiveness tactfully gets its point across.
  54. Assertiveness is a tool for intimacy in relationships.
  55. Assertiveness is the manager of boundaries.
  56. Assertiveness is your backbone--it helps structure your person.
  57. Assertiveness requires that you believe you are valuable, worthy & loved.
  58. Assertiveness requires you to believe in yourself.
  59. Assertiveness means you know what you're doing.
  60. Assertiveness is confident, grounded and centered.
  61. Assertiveness shapes your different-ness.
  62. Assertiveness is the guarder of your individuality.
  63. Assertiveness is alive and awake.
  64. Assertiveness is the opposite of doormat. 
  65. Assertiveness is not aggression.
  66. Assertiveness doesn't care what others think.
  67. Assertiveness knows that being degraded is not an option.
  68. Assertiveness allows you to go out and do what you want.
  69. Assertiveness says no, even though that may hurt you to say it.
  70. Assertiveness lets nothing steal its self esteem.
  71. Assertiveness positions your persona.
  72. Assertiveness gives clear intentions.
  73. Assertiveness knows it has got what it takes.
  74. Assertiveness creates space for you to enjoy life's pleasures.
  75. Assertiveness ends rumination.
  76. Assertiveness clears your life of unneeded junk.
  77. Assertiveness acts on your behalf.
  78. Assertiveness is strength, not weakness.
  79. Assertiveness comes from a place of self respect and love.
  80. Assertiveness calls out what's real and what's bullshit.
  81. Assertiveness dictates how other people can treat you.
  82. Assertiveness gets rid of people who won't let you be who you are.
  83. Assertiveness is not butt-kissing.
  84. Assertiveness is on your side.
  85. Assertiveness never sacrifices its dignity. 
  86. Assertiveness stops people from pushing you around.
  87. Assertiveness is grown-up.
  88. Assertiveness is the fence around your emotional world.
  89. Assertiveness is that hand that talks to the face.
  90. Assertiveness is an attitude of certainty.
  91. Assertiveness
  92. Assertiveness
  93. Assertiveness
  94. Assertiveness
  95. Assertiveness
  96. Assertiveness
  97. Assertiveness
  98. Assertiveness
  99. Assertiveness
  100. Assertiveness

 of self compassion, honor and dignity.

What are we defending?

doling out its goodies consciously and with complete self control.


  1. Indeed! Let the music play... And to all those who think it's fine to ignore me and treat me as less than a person due to my health condition in addition to gossip from some insecure family members and ' friends', it is NOT OK.