Sunday, April 28, 2013

Provide Evidence

 One way to change your Core Belief or Life Script of Failure is to present EVIDENCE to yourself that you're a success. Gather evidence!!! Little-by-little you will chip away at the old belief as you start to confront every lie you've believed with the truth--real facts. Remember that time you won that contest in High School? What about the way you sang that time at karaoke? What about the time you ran that marathon... Keep pulling up evidence to combat negative beliefs. The more ingrained the False Belief, the more evidence you will need to overcome it and convince your mind to overturn its ruling. Think of your mind like a Judge, then become your own advocate by presenting evidence of your innocence, your capabilities and your ability to overcome and succeed. Be mindful of your thoughts and argue with your inner critic--don't accept internal abuse. Fight for yourself and win the battle in your mind... get out of prison, be free. You are in charge of all that you think, say and do. You have control of all your beliefs.

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