Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Inspiration Quotes About Loving Yourself

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Emotional Vampires

Don't let anyone suck the life out of you. ~ Jenna Ryan /

Love Yourself More 

Love yourself more than those who walk out your door. If someone invalidates you or rejects your thoughts and feelings, let that person go. Love yourself more than the relationship with anyone who denies your right to express your reality in equal measure.

~ Jenna Ryan 2012

How Others Treat You

True Self No Competition by Jenna Ryan

This is a quote that I wrote back in 2010. Recently, I've seen it floating around the internet with someone else's name on it. Kinda ironic, given that the quote talks about if it's truly you, no one can take it from you. This is my life's message. My truth and my heart. Someone else may also have it, but I believe we are each given a message to share. This one is mine. :)

Rethink Your Thinking...

Self Love Is Not Selfish

Know Who You Are

Never Be Afraid 

Facing Reality


True Self 


How Much Do you Want It? 

Self Worth Control

Truth = Intimacy 


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