Saturday, May 21, 2022

Your Treasure Chest


By Jenna Ryan

I tell my coaching clients who are struggling. I tell them, deep inside your being, there is a treasure chest of gold, and that treasure chest is you, hidden under layers and layers of dirt. This dirt is the lies that you believe about yourself from the messages and words and actions you've received.

Inside this treasure chest, bound by chains is a beautiful being. It's YOU. It's beautiful you and the truth of who you are. This you is banging on the sides of the chest, wanting to get out. This is the pain. The pain points the way to your true self, so therefore, lean into the pain (through grief) and allow yourself to go towards the pain and begin the process of digging her out. Layer by layer, tear by tear, day by day.

And then she starts to realize who she is, and the chains break, and she gets out of the chest, and she rises up out of the ashes and is able to see truth clearly, and everything makes sense.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

How to Deal with Hater Raids and Cancel Vultures and Woke Mobs in 2021

I am working on a process for dealing with Haters in the media, social media and in real life. Haters are people who disagree with you, don't like you, are offended by you, and they are trying with all their power to distract you and to cause you to doubt yourself. A hater wants you to give up, go away and vanish. A hater wants to crush you to a powder. The more you shine, the more the hater wants to stomp out your light. The hater is filled with envy, bitterness, resentment and likely misinformation about who you are and what you do. 

Think of an online hater as a stalker. Haters ARE stalkers and they are harassing you, and potentially harming your business. Unfortunately, due to the current political climate, the internet is becoming increasingly hostile. Haters are a fact of life when you are famous, infamous, creative, or doing anything outside-of-the-box. 

The goal of the hater is to stop you, so your goal in dealing with haters is to NOT let them stop you, distract you or cause you to doubt yourself. Haters may also want you to conform to their way of thinking, feeling and believing about the world. Many haters are adverse to independent thought. Whatever the motivation of the hater, the same rules apply. Following is a list I'm creating for dealing with haters day-to-day on social media. 

This list may become more important as the communist-style social ranking system is implemented in the United States and throughout the world. This social ranking system will grant haters more power than ever to destroy your reputation, your business and your peace. People who are wise will realize that you are special if you are being attacked by haters. It is a compliment--albeit a very annoying compliment--to be attacked relentlessly by haters. If haters hate you, it means you are doing something right.

  • Never, ever, ever respond to haters unless they have a legitimate concern about your work.
  • Do not fight with haters on any platform (new rule) I know it's difficult, but stick to this.
  • Do have united front. Do not answer haters without connecting with me and we will be creating
    a united narrative that we want to distribute on my terms.
  • Do not let haters distract you or take you off track, or keep you from producing your shows, music, content and message.
  • Do not perform for haters in any way shape or form.
  • Do not create content for haters.
  • Ignore haters, give them the silent treatment, go NO CONTACT with haters. 
  • Act like they do not exist.
  • Mentally reframe hatred from people on the internet. Take all hate as a compliment and use it to increase your reach and gain notoriety.
  • If you are getting a ton of hate, this means you are doing something right.



Saturday, November 6, 2021


I'm creating a new non-profit organization called "" that will be up and running as soon as my programmer completes it. This website will be dedicated to educating people about bullying, smear campaigns and manipulative web content.

This blog post will contain my tweets at my new Twitter account,


Since I've been brutally attacked online, I have learned to use discernment when reading info. Anything that insults another person directly for superficial characteristics shows me it's a smear and the content is suspect.

Jenna Ryan

#smearcampaigns #webkindness
Always get the whole story before making a judgment about another person. Not everything on the web is true. Some stuff is posted to inflame you and make you hate another person. It's called a smear campaign. Don't fall for it. #smearcampaign #webkindness
"SMEAR LANGUAGE - Language that is used to disparage another person for their thoughts and opinions in effort to make others think they are less-than-human and less than they are. Smear language is objectification of another person and is manipulation & bullying."` - Jenna Ryan